Business Law Services
Business Law Services provided by Clute Law Firm are listed below. If you have a business law for real estate law representation or support need, contact Clute Law Firm.

Banking and Finance Law: Our firm has represented a number of lending institutions in negotiating the terms of and preparing the necessary documents for a wide variety of financial transactions. These include construction loans, permanent loans, working capital loans and asset-based loans. Our experience also includes loan workouts, lender liability in commercial transactions, foreclosures, customer fraud claims, loan collection and foreclosures representative cases.

Business Litigation: Clute Law Firm has represented a number of businesses as plaintiff and defendant in civil litigation. This includes local (Mobile, Alabama), State of Alabama, and Federal courts. Our law firm has provided business law services and representation to businesses and individuals before the State of Alabama Oil & Gas Board, Department of Conservation and Alabama, Department of Environmental Management

Business Law: LLC vs. Corporation – Choosing the best legal entity for your business. Many people are uncertain which legal entity is best for their business. Should you form a corporation, Limited Liability Company or a Limited Partnership? The type of business you will be conducting and the number of owners as well as other factors help answer the question of which business entity is best for you. The decision on which entity to use can have important consequences on liability issues for owners and tax consequences. We do not just fill out a form for our clients. We discuss operating agreements for LLC’s, By-Laws for corporations and how to operate your business so the courts will not disregard your business entity.

Buying or Selling an Existing Business: We have assisted and offered business law services for both buying and selling existing businesses. We can help with the retention of key employees, verifying the good standing of the business, checking potential liabilities of the business such as debts, leases, vendor agreements and tax issues. We can determine if there is a need for non-compete agreements. We also help with determining whether there will be issues with business licenses, liquor licenses and existing leases affecting the business.

Business Disputes: We have over 30 years of experience in handling all types of business law suits and business law services. These include:

        Breach of contract involving sale or buying of goods and services.
        Disputes between partners, shareholders or LLC members involving ownership issues.
        Breaches of employment contracts.

Other Business Law Services
Business Documents: Many businesses need specialized documents. We provide the business law services in the form of preparing documents that fit their business and protect them from unwanted liability. These documents include invoices, supplier agreements, non-compete agreements for key employees, warranty agreements, construction contracts, services agreements which we prepare to address your particular needs.

Litigation: Over our 30 plus years of experience offering business law services and representation, we have handled litigation for both large and small companies. We have represented clients as both plaintiffs and defendants. We have handled enforcement of non-compete agreements, several types of breach of contract claims including construction contracts, vendor contracts, franchise agreements, fraud actions, and other civil tort actions. We understand that clients want an economic quick resolution to these matters. We handle litigation on an hourly basis, flat fee basis and contingency fee arrangements.

If you have a need for any of the business law services or need representation in any of the previous listings, contact Clute Law Firm. We pride ourselves in quality representation, litigation, and exemplary business law services.

Real Estate Law Services
Clute & Clute assists businesses, families and individuals with their real estate needs. We have over thirty years combined experience in real estate law. Below are examples of the services Clute & Clute provide in the area of real estate law.

Real Estate Closings: We examine the title records for real estate you wish to buy for matters which affect the title to the property, like mechanics and material mens liens, tax liens, unpaid mortgages, judgments, easements and other matters which may cloud the title. This process verifies the seller has clear title and authority to validly sell you the property. We will also negotiate with the title company to obtain title insurance that insures the title to the property against any adverse claims of ownership, liens and easements. We will then review the closing documents which usually include a deed, closing statement, HUD statement and other documents for possible inaccuracy or error. We will also assist you in due diligence prior to closing with zoning issues, variances and environmental liability studies.

Deeds: A deed is our instrument which conveys title to real property from one to another. In Alabama the three most common types of deeds are: (1) a Warranty Deed where the seller fully warrants title and agrees to defend the title to the buyer; (2) a Statutory Warranty Deed where the seller only warrants title for the period the seller owns the property; and (3) a Quitclaim deed where the seller is transferring any interest held in the property without warranty of title. There are several requirements for a valid deed including a full and complete description of the property, proper signature by the seller and other requirements imposed by law. The deed affects your ownership interests and rights in parcels of real property. We can help you determine the extent of rights applicable to the property you are buying or selling. Clute & Clute can also defend any attacks on the title to your property.

Landlord/Tenant: Whether you are leasing property as a landlord or a tenant we can help you with the leasing process. Any lease presents issues we can help you work through. These include maintenance issues, insurance, use restrictions, parking, and liability. We have assisted landlords and tenants with shopping center leases, office leases, commercial leases and residential leases. If property is being rented for residential use important rights can be found effecting both the landlord and the tenant in the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, §35-4A-01 of the Alabama Code.

Mortgage Foreclosures: If you have sold property which you financed and not received the mortgage payments we can assist you with a foreclosure to retrieve the property. We have flat fees available for volume foreclosures.

Other Real Estate Law Services
Boundary Line Disputes/Real Estate Suits/Condemnations: From time to time a dispute may arise concerning the boundary lines of your property. This may occur from conflicting surveys, old fences not properly erected on property lines or encroachments like out buildings being placed over property lines. These issues can be resolved by suits to quiet title in court or written agreements between the property owners. We also assist property owners who force condemnation actions by pipeline companies and government agencies.

Subdivision Development/Home Owners Associations: A subdivision occurs when a large parcel of land is divided into smaller ones for development purposes such as sale of lots. The process begins with the developer filing an application for a zoning permit. We can help you obtain the proper permits from your city and zoning board.

Home Purchases: When purchasing a home it is often the largest expense an individual can make. You should consider title insurance, termite inspections and bonds, home inspection, and careful review of closing documents including the deed.

Other Real Estate Services offered by Clute Law Firm:

Buying and Selling of Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Real Estate Planning
Zoning Assistance
Variance Issues
Preparation of Deeds
Preparation of purchase agreements
Assistance with potential environmental issues
Assistance with review of title issues
Drafting and review of leases for commercial property and residential property
Estate Planning
Estate Planning: In addition to real estate law, Clute Law Firm supports individuals with establishing end of life plans. This includes the; Preparation of wills, trusts, both irrevocable and revocable, living wills, and powers of attorney.

Clute Law Firm Estate Planning Services

Preparation of Wills
Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
Living Wills
Power of Attorney