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Law Video Library of Clute Law Firm
Clute Law Firm has been practicing business law and real estate law in Mobile, Alabama for the past 30 years. We handle small and large cases and offer quick and economical solutions for your business law and real estate law needs. Below you will find a collection of videos that we have found to be common questions we answer in our practice. We hope that through these videos that you will gain some amount of insight into your situation. If you still have questions or need to proceed to the next step, please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Real Estate Law Video-Legal Tips for Buying a Home
I am purchasing a home. What should I know to watch out for during this process.

Business Law Video-What Type of Business Entity is Best for my Business
I am purchasing a home. What should I know to watch out for during this process.

Real Estate Law Video-Tips for Buying or Selling Commercial Real Estate
What should I beware of when purchasing commercial real estate?
Zoning, access to property, and environmental liability

Business Law Video-How to Resolve Business Partner Disputes
I have a dispute with my business partner(s). What should I do?
Dissolution, accounting, and mediation

Business Law Video-Buying or Selling a Business–Be Aware of the Following
I am buying or selling a business. What should I be aware of before completing a transaction.

Tax Liability
Non-Compete Agreements
Good Standing of the Business
Employee Issues

Real Estate Law Video-Leasing Space For My Business–Business Lease Concerns
I am leasing space for my business. What should I be concerned about in my lease?
Maintenance responsibility
Taxes, insurance, and lease provisions favoring the landlord/tenant.

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